Tuesday, 27 December 2011

Parrot after Sue Deighton's demonstration.

Here is a Parrot done by the club's president Jean Dearn following the demonstration by Sue Deighton a few weeks ago.

There is no denying that Sue has certainly inspired Jean with her vivacity of colour. See earlier post about Sue's work for a better understanding.

Thursday, 15 December 2011

Christmas Break

No meeting next week as its now the break for the Christmas period.
The club returns on the 9th January with a free painting session.
Letters have just gone out for the yearly subscriptions so I'm hopeful the secretary wont mind it being mentioned on here.
Best wishes to all for Christmas and the New Year.

As a snapshot of the programme for the Jan to April period it is as follows
There is of course a meeting every Monday.

16th Jan , Dave Newbould, open demonstration in water based oils. Please bring a friend (and a notebook for all the jokes)

13th Feb Mike Dobson, demo and workshop -watercolour paper and paints, details later.

27th Feb free painting, rainy day (advice from Rod perhaps)

12th March, Rod Ward , workshop -advice and training based on observation , perspective etc with practical drawing application by you on the various elements. You will need plain drawing paper. Rod will inform us later if we need anything else.

26th March, free painting foggy scene

NB. Can you look out for reference material depicting rainy and foggy scenes that could be used at the free painting sessions detailed above. We could then have a ready supply in the cupboard for anyone who has forgotten to bring anything suitable.

Wednesday, 7 December 2011

Sue Deighton

I missed this weeks club meeting due to work but am reliably informed that the visiting artist Sue Deighton was very good.

I have looked online and found some information about her and include it below.

Sue Deighton is known for the vivacity of her work - bold and free. A love of colour makes her work exciting and stimulating. After graduating from Leeds College of Art she was appointed as a lecturer at the Hull College of Art, and has had painting twice accepted at the Royal Academy.
She works freelance as a demonstrator for Winsor & Newton and the SAA (Society for All Artists), and regularly attends art fairs for art material manufacturers, Winsor and Newton produce Artisan water mixable oil paint, Liquitex acrylic paint-Col Art, Artists water colour and brushes. Sue has travelled to Africa and India as a guest Art Tutor for Indus Tours and Travel thus enabling her to research on location wildlife, her favourites being Elephants and Tigers. Sue is also a regular feature writer for the Paint magazine.
Sue works in Community Education and leads Paint Experience workshops and presentations to Art Clubs and schools, in her spare time writing features for Art magazines, her specialist field is wildlife painting and she travels to Africa and India to sketch, research and recharge her batteries.
Sue's DVD and book on colour combined with workshops in all mediums is enhanced by 30 years teaching experience in schools, colleges and institutes of further education. She has a long history of exhibitions and has twice been selected for the Summer exhibition at the Royal Academy and many times at the Mall Gallery in the open exhibitions of the RI, RBA and the NEAC. She is currently exhibiting at the Woburn Safari Park (wildlife) and the Parish Church Shiptonthorpe (Art for Churches).

This profile was dated Dec 2009.
I would love to include a pic of her work but copyright means I can't without permission.
Perhaps a club member who has been inspired will send me something in Sue's style ?
Next week is the clubs Christmas lunch so no actual meeting as such.
I am informed that there are some plans to hold maybe two exhibitions next year as the club have been asked to display at a fun day at Monk Fryston Hall in line with The Queens Jubliee.

Saturday, 3 December 2011

Selection of work for The Emma Maltby Memorial Trust

The President of the Club, Jean Dearn keeps some scrap books and she kindly gave me one to look through.

One of the items in there had this wonderful collection of works by fifteen members of the club and some invited artists who produced work for The Emma Maltby Memorial Trust in 2007.
They were all donated for an auction.
Some great work here.
Click on any of the pics for a better view.
All images are subject to copyright.

Tuesday, 29 November 2011

Robert Brindley

Robert is a brilliant artist and a firm supporter of The Monk Fryston Art Club, having attended a number of times and inspired a few members along the way.

I emailed him last night asking for permission to put a link on this blog and he got back to me in less than 24hrs, or rather Liz did, see e-mail reply below.

Hi Karl,

Here is the link to Robert's Blog
Good luck in your new role

Best wishes

Check out his blog by clicking on the link above

Monday, 28 November 2011

First Post

This is the very first post for a new blog , hence the photo, a new day a new dawn.
Hopefully this will be the only arty photo that is ever put on this blog as the rest, I am hoping will be images from the very talented bunch of members at this club.
I joined only three weeks ago and bravely, stupidly have agreed to be in charge of publicity.
They obviously have no idea about my organising skills !
The club is based in Monk Fryston on the A63 between Leeds and Selby, N.Yorks and meets once a week.
My plan for this blog , with members approval of course is to showcase the talent that is on offer at the club.
They (we) have an exhibition once a year in the beautiful Monk Fryston Hall normally held in the Autumn, so its just been and gone, you have missed it.
However at a comittee meeting today they (we) have agreed to a summer exhibition in 2012 , hopefully with an Olympic theme.
So to all you members who are reading this , start thinking Olympic idea's for your paintings.
Athletes , Archery, Swimming, Boxing , the list is almost endless and don't forget the Paralympics too.
Here's a link to the Olympics page that will give a full list of events , http://www.london2012.com/games/

It's also the club's  21st birthday ,

bye for now