Sunday, 21 April 2013

"Jakar" Caran D'Ache Demonstration

Apologies for this late post on last weeks demonstration.
I was kindly sent a photo and an email with a few details of the day.

Today was a demonstration organised by "Jakar" art suppliers of Cran D'Ache art products, unfortunately there were only ten members present.

The demonstrator was obviously an accomplished painter, particularly of flowers and the natural world.
She had water soluble pencils, Luminance pencils, graphite blocks and gouache in pan form - everybody has tried to make it in the past without any success.

Picture attached - part of the colour pencils part of the demo, showing some abstract ideas.

On Monday 22nd April it is a free painting day and the week after Dave Newbould is doing a double demonstration.
He will be attemtping to do a landscape and a portrait in acrylic and oils. Open to all