Saturday, 5 May 2012

Rod Ward, club member profile

This month's spotlight is on Rod Ward.

Rod qualified as an architect at Leeds College of Art in the 1960s, but ceased to practice in the 1970s, due to a lack of creative freedom in his profession, and turned to publishing and writing. He took up painting again in 2002, joining three art societies within reach of his home in Monk Fryston. He now works in acrylic, ink, gouache, watercolour and oil. He exhibits and sells his artwork regularly and he has carried out a number of commissions for clients; mostly houses, boats and book illustrations.
Rod is a member of the York & District SAA, Selby Art Society and Monk Fryston Art Club. Rod used to run the art world website until pressure of work made it impossible to keep it updated, so the website is currently out of use.

Grass Wood (near Grassington)

A Tidy Mind

Leeds Warehouse

Gone Potting

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Coming Home

Bridlington Lifeboat

Under Crown Point Bridge, Leeds

Monk Fryston aerial view circa 1990
Country Life

Robin Hood's Bay
Piccadilly Circus

Tetley's brewery dray

Under The Liner


  1. I have just come back from Leeds Grammar School,where we saw the most beautiful painting of patchwork fields,cows, sheep and chickens.In the foreground there were pink flowers, it was amazing! I fell in love with it, but it had been sold.
    What a gift you have.

  2. Hello Anonymous,

    Thank you very much for taking the time out to comment on the blog. I told Rod of the comment and he was delighted. Please keep checking back here and you never know you may see another of Rod's paitings that you like or another from one of the many talented artists at the club.


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