Monday, 29 July 2013

Free painting week 29th July

Having just survived the horrendous downpour we settled into a sunny afternoon of painting.

Thanks to those that brought some finished paintings in. 

How did this one get in here ? 

Complete and framed. 

These two will form the basis of wedding invites, well one will ! 


Click on any pic to enlarge 

Tuesday, 23 July 2013

Member profile , Pauline Vinton

We havent had a club member profile for a while so this week is the turn of Pauline Vinton.

I asked Pauline to write a few words about herself and she did under a ghost writer called Jim !

Jim wrote....

Retirement brought about extra hours and in 2002-2003 I enrolled with NCFE at Selby College, my Tutor was Ian Kenning who taught impressionist painting and drawing. 
With no previous knowledge of art, I continued learning until 2006, when funds were cut.
I then joined Selby Watercolour Society (now Selby Art Society) and with (necessary) criticism and encouragement from various members I started to improve.

 During the Selby Watercolour Society’s monthly meeting   I heard my Tutor, Ian Kenning, was demonstrating at Monk Fryston Art Club. Jean Dearn let me attend as a guest, and subsequently I became a member there too.
With the renaming of the Selby Watercolour Society, to Selby Art Society I became their Secretary for 3 years.
The first picture I sold was a high point in my art life but soon discovered though, that selling art is much more difficult than producing it.
At present I am advancing my skills at pastel classes run by Catherine Inglis at Bishops Wilton. I find Art is so rewarding.

I look back on my early days in art and well remember how Helen Brown showed me how to use watercolour with my very professional one pint plastic bottle of water, two of my grandchildren’s paint brushes and some of their paints! 

Click on any picture for a closer look. I believe most paintings are for sale so email if you would like to enquire.


Monday, 22 July 2013

Free painting 22nd July

Following an impromptu committee meeting regarding the October art exhibition we all did our own thing and below are a few examples of ALMOST complete paintings.
I just feel that it is better to have completed paintings on the blog now rather than what we have had. 

I may be wrong of course. If you can't bring them in feel free to email me at 

I missed a few pics today or people hid their efforts or they weren't sufficiently completed for inclusion

Click on any picture for a bigger look , enjoy.