Thursday, 30 November 2017

Ian Woodhouse.

It was my sad and difficult task to inform members of Monk Fryston Art Club that our friend Ian, had passed away.  The news was received with shock and disbelief.  Ian was a talented Artist and a valued friend who was always willing to help others and who worked endlessly for the good of the club and its members.  His legacy will live on.  Whilst we will all miss Ian, our lives and our artistic endevours have been enriched  through the privilege of knowing him.   

On behalf of all members I send our sincere condolences to Christine, Ian's beloved wife and to The Family.   

The funeral will take place at St Wilfred's Parish Church Brayton Thursday 7th Dec at 11.30. 

Jean Dearn, President of Monk Fryston Art Club.

Tuesday, 28 November 2017

Ian Woodhouse Tribute.

Ian Woodhouse a member of the club for many years sadly passed away last week. He was a lovely man , a great artist and a massive help around the club , especially at the time of exhibitions.

I cannot do him justice here but in 2012 I visited him at his home address to do a special post about him and his work. 

The club have asked me to re publish that post as a tribute. 

I would welcome comments on this post from those that knew him best.


Ian Woodhouse Profile 

Ian started painting as a hobby in about 1986 and in 1993 joined the S.A.A. (Society for All Artists) and then attended a Drawing and Painting course at Selby College in 1996/7.

He paints in watercolour, acrylic and gouache as well as sometimes using pastels and oil paints.
He also likes to use acrylic ink with an air brush to create an out of focus background evident in some of the following paintings.

His favourite subjects to paint are bird and figures , landscapes with buildings and trees as well as boats and coastal scenery , mostly painted whilst on holiday.

Ian has won prizes at local art and craft festivals for many years and regularly entered paintings into local shows. 

On retiring in 2008 Ian joined Monk Fryston art club.



3. Kingfisher with airbrush background


5. Whitby swingbridge


7. Wolf in pastels





12. First ever oil painting . Not for sale 



15. Brayton Barff



19. Holiday Sketches





24. Owl in flight

25. Purey Cust Hospital, York

26. Cockrel

Friday, 3 November 2017

Jenny Ulyatt demo

We had a demonstration paint a long with Jenny a few weeks ago and here are the results plus a few of Jenny's.

Jenny has a website and here is the link to that.

I apologise if your effort is not here but for a long time now I've been having issues with the blog. 
Today it basically said to me. " I'm not playing anymore" and crashed on me several times ! 

Oh what fun I had !