Sunday, 19 February 2012

Olympic Torch Relay

On the 19th May the Olympic Torch will commence it's 70 day journey from Lands End to London whilst reaching 90% of the population of Britain.
It will pass through the Selby district on Tuesday 19th June, it's 31st Day starting at Hull and finishing the day in York.

Along that route it will pass through Monk Fryston.....

As I understand it Monk Fryston Parish council is planning to celebrate this momentous day with a whole host of events.

They are looking for all organisations and or individuals to help out and have invited the Art Club to create a series of paintings celebrating the London Olympic ,the Paralympic Games and the Queens Jubilee.
I believe that we may be asked to hang paintings along the Church wall.

There are all kinds of subjects to choose from such as past host cities, sports stars , Olympic events, Ancient Olympics, The Olympic Torch, Olympic Logo's and of course Queen Elizabeth herself , etc etc.

If you have any ideas please discuss them with the Club president.


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