Monday, 16 April 2012

Art Exhibition and Olympic Torch relay

June 5th,

The Art Club is looking forward to staging an outdoor Exhibition along the Terrace of The Hall, on June 5th weather permitting, in celebration of The Queen's Jubilee.
An outdoor exhibition is something we have discussed many times but never had a suitable occasion on which to try it.

The Jubilee however is perfect. Ideally we need a beautifully warm, sunny, summers day but, if we are showered with liquid sunshine, contingency plans are in hand and rain will not spoil the day.

The Art Club is 21 years old, so the exhibition is a dual celebration of our birthday and The Queen's Jubilee.
Looking back the club has covered a lot of ground since its inception. It began with four friends painting together once a month in each others houses, soon other people joined us and a small class was formed 21 years ago with Carole Hill as tutor. A year later , Carole moved to Derbyshire , where she has established herself as a prominent and well known artist..
The club continued to grow with the help of a number of tutors and demonstrators. We held a few early exhibitions in both the Church and the Church Hall and displayed our work for various events and charities further afield.
The more brave and successful we became the more we stretched our wings !
Painting expeditions to local gardens and scenic villages , members regularly attending courses, enjoying painting holidays, exhibiting throughout Yorkshire and on the internet.
This year we started a blog (you are reading it) and to our amazement as I write we have had nearly 700 visitors some afar afield as America, Germany, Russia, Colombia, Australia, Eire and Latvia.
Here is the current list and locations of our visitors.

United Kingdom 479
United States 104
Russia 47
Germany 13
Ukraine 13
Ireland 11
Latvia 4
Portugal 2
Colombia 1
Spain 1
Australia 1

Membership is kept at Thirty five and at present we have a waiting list of nine.
Of the "original fab four" sadly two have passed away , one moved to live near her daughter and the other is still a member who will be 90 years old in May. Happy Birthday.

A number of our members are busy preparing large Olympic Rings stylised with symbols of the various games and painting two huge Olympic Symbols (about 8ft x 4ft) for either end of the village as a welcome for the torch on the 19th June, to Monk Fryston.

The 5th June will be a "FUN DAY FOR ALL" and we are looking forward to joining forces with Monk Fryston Hall making the day a festival in which everyone can enjoy and take part. Games and competitions on the lawns, stalls and afternoon teas and a 21st Birthday Exhibition.
A chance to see the new garden landscaping and a walk in the extensive grounds.

All members of the Art Club hope you will be there.

Jean Dearn. Club President.

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