Monday, 9 July 2012

Barbara Place demo and workshop

This demo by Barbara Place occurred some weeks ago now. I have lifted her bio below from her own website. The demo was a watercolour flower and the club members efforts are shown below.

Barbara is based in Pudsey ,West Yorkshire,  painting in watercolours mixed media, and acrylics. My main passion  is painting flowers in watercolour, a subject that I tutor  from time to time.
 A couple of years ago it became important for me to paint the Yorkshire landscape, from a different perspective. It has been  rewarding , but hasnt come easy as I changed the media that I paint in to acrylics, and pastels for the landscapes, as I wanted them to be abstract/ semi abstract,and I wanted to push myself. I know what I want to achieve, I feel I am moving towards my goal,and I am so enjoying the challenge of being right out there in North  Yorkshire. My only problem is the fact I like the dark angry skies, no blue skies for me, and it is the cold wind and rain that go hand in hand with those skies, I tend to be a fair weather girl.

I spend a few months in New Zealand most years, Where I enjoy painting the flowers and landscapes of New Zealand, which has an amazing light not found anywhere else in the world. Have exhibited jointly with my sister very successfully in Wellington.

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