Tuesday, 30 October 2012

29th Oct Free painting week and a First for the blog !

This week was a free painting week and we are close to getting some of the paintings completed that appear on here regularly so PLEASE dont forget to bring in any finished pieces.

Also If any members want to email me photos of their own I can always put them on here.

We are close to having 2000 views on the blog, as I commenced this post we had had 1901.
This week alone this is where our viewers were based...

United Kingdom  
United States
South Africa

Now news of a first for the blog..

We have had the very first comment uploaded on the blog this week and it is in support of one of Rod's paintings.

The comment read...... (and can be seen on Rod's profile post if you search the blog)

" I have just come back from Leeds Grammar School,where we saw the most beautiful painting of patchwork fields,cows, sheep and chickens.In the foreground there were pink flowers, it was amazing! I fell in love with it, but it had been sold.
What a gift you have."

Congratulations Rod , and here is the painting that inspired the comment..

So if you have any friends and family etc that are reading this blog , tell them to post some comments.

Onto this weeks paintings..






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