Tuesday, 29 January 2013

Free Painting 28th Feb

There were plenty of attendees on Monday , think I counted 23 but there may have been more. In respect of the photo's some of them were at a very early stage and so they aren't on here as they don't display very well.
Also the allotted storage on the blog may be close to maximum so we may have to limit uploads to completed paintings or ones fairly close to.

Please bring in any completed paintings or email them to me karlsimpson1285@btinternet.com

Completed Painting by Ian Woodhouse 

Completed Painting by Ian Woodhouse

Complete, Barbara Phillips

Baraara Phillips 

Barbara Phillips 

Barbara Phillips 

The Albino Kingfishers from a few weeks ago
Thnaks, onto the paintings and remember to click for a larger view. 

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