Monday, 26 August 2013

Advertising ideas required

At the October flower and art festival we need to encourage as many people as possible to make that short walk up to the church and actually come into the exhibition and then hopefully buy some paintings.

The first hurdle will be getting people into the hall, which might not be too much of a problem bearing in mind that the refreshments will be in there and we are obviously right next to the church. 

However if anyone has some ideas for grabbing people's attention now is the time to shout out. 

Jean suggests use of the Olympic Rings again which worked very well last year but we need to fill them with something more relevant to this exhibition. 

Firstly I thought that two or three athletes (to keep the Olympic theme going) suggesting the hall is just a hop skip and a jump away up the path and also some flowers and possibly something church like.

If anyone has such paintings or indeed any thoughts on the matter please let me or Jean know at the next meeting. 

Lastly I really would like to get some samples  so to speak of what will be available at the exhibition so please keep those finished paintings coming in and ill keep a special post just for the exhibition that can be added to as we get nearer the day. 


My paintings have fallen off the back Constable, honest !
Ill be having a stern word with anyone who doesn't bring completed paintings in, so beware ! 

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