Wednesday, 30 September 2015

Terry Chip demo

We had Terry Chip for a demo on monday after the success of our own exhibition.

More on that later.

Terry Chipp is a professional artist based in the Yorkshire town of Doncaster.  He is an exhibiting member of the prestigious Leeds Fine Artists and his paintings, drawings and prints are in public and private collections across the world.

As a versatile and eclectic artist, Terry Chipp’s subjects and styles reflect his wide ranging curiosity from detailed trompe l’oeil figures emerging from boxes to abstract designs representing the concept of time passing, alongside recurring references to landscape and architecture.  The wider arts scene is explored through sketches of dancers, musicians and performers at many venues including Cast, Doncaster’s new theatre.  Many of his acrylic paintings use texture and glazing to create a palimpsest effect to represent the cycle of wear and renewal.

As a Professional Associate of the Society for All Artists (SAA) Terry Chipp carries out many painting demonstrations and workshops for art groups across England and has featured in their publications and television broadcasts.

Alongside selling his personal artwork through galleries and exhibitions Terry Chipp has carried out many commissions for private and commercial clients.

So Terry started the demo with a drawing then added gesso then painted over the surface of that and then brought out the drawing underneath with a series of wipes and further painting.

Very good. 

The reference photo. 

Et voila , a door ! 

Also some other examples of his work.

And then our efforts .....Terry encouraged us to experiment with our own colour scheme. 

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