Saturday, 19 March 2016


Trips out with the Club
As discussed, the Club posted a sheet on the notice board regarding possible day trips with the club. In the past we have had a number of enjoyable and successful coach trips, but only half a dozen members responded positively to a suggested trip to the Yorkshire Sculpture Park. Our new Social Secretary, Lesley Venables, needed to know if it was just that venue in which members were uninterested, or if no-one wanted trips at all. Three weeks ago the sheet was put up, for members to express an interest in principle in trips. All members had to do was put a tick by their name if they were interested in Club trips. After three weeks there is no tick by any name, so we have to take it as a resounding NO. So, unless there is a sudden flurry of interest, there will be no trips organised by the Club this year.

Tour de Yorkshire
The cycle race comes through Monk Fryston on Saturday 30 April, so the Club will be organising an exhibition on the day, to be held in Jean's drive, on Main Street. If the weather is fine, we'll be outdoors. If it is wet, there are three open-fronted garages in which we can display. More details soon, but get your work ready for exhibition and/or sale. It has been suggested that cycling themes may be interesting, but not essential. Janet and Malcolm Pexton kindly brought two bikes into the Art Club this week for us to draw.

Autumn Exhibition
The date has now been fixed for Sunday 18 September at Monk Fryston Hall, so the Club at last returns to its most popular venue. There will be more information later in the year. 

Rod Ward 

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