Thursday, 30 November 2017

Ian Woodhouse.

It was my sad and difficult task to inform members of Monk Fryston Art Club that our friend Ian, had passed away.  The news was received with shock and disbelief.  Ian was a talented Artist and a valued friend who was always willing to help others and who worked endlessly for the good of the club and its members.  His legacy will live on.  Whilst we will all miss Ian, our lives and our artistic endevours have been enriched  through the privilege of knowing him.   

On behalf of all members I send our sincere condolences to Christine, Ian's beloved wife and to The Family.   

The funeral will take place at St Wilfred's Parish Church Brayton Thursday 7th Dec at 11.30. 

Jean Dearn, President of Monk Fryston Art Club.

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