Thursday, 18 July 2013

Inky prints

It was a free painting meet this week as the lovely weather continues and the first meet since the Holmfirth art show where some members were successful in selling their paintings. Congratulations to them on that. 

It would be nice to have a page with those particular paintings on , so I'll try and arrange that, hopefully those that sold have kept their own photos. If you have and are reading this then please email them to me etc and ill put it together. 

Along the same theme , we are now working hard towards our own annual event that will be held this year in the church hall in the second week in October so the 12th and 13th. Again closer to the time I will hopefully get a post out with as many of the entries on as possible, so start bringing them to the club meet ASAP and I can start recording them.

The only paintings this week to show are from our treasurer who caused a stir with some examples of a course she had attended which was in respect of ink printing. I didn't get the whole process but the effects are certainly impressive. 


As I understand it once the stencil is produced, seen here on the right then no end of prints can be produced and using different colours each time. 

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