Friday, 17 July 2015

Blog News

Hi ,
I just wanted to give a little news on the blog. I was looking at the stats today and saw that we have had over 14000 views in fact 14650 to be exact over 175 posts.

We also seem to get some big interest from the USA , see the list below by country for last  month.
It seems someone may have friends or family over the pond ?

What I'd like to do is start putting artist names under the paintings and also titles and prices.
I occasionally (very occasionally that is ) get asked about paintings and if they are for sale etc.
I'm sure if I included this we would get more interest.

Just a thought.

So who has the American friends and for that matter the German ones, Ukraine, Russia etc ?

United Kingdom 62
United States 41
Germany 32
Ukraine 13
Russia 6
France 3
Italy 3
China 2
Czech Republic 2
Portugal 2

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